Back From Moundsville Penitentiary... What A Trip!

We are back from our first investigation of the Moundsville Penitentiary and came back with some personal experiences and some captured on camera and evps. (we are still examining the audio collected)

11-26/27-2011 This was our first trip to the Moundsville Penitentiary and was a very rewarding trip at that.

We investigated all parts except for the "Sugar Shack" as a couple of groups had laser grids set up and other equipment so we did the honorable thing and didn't interrupt them. I'm disappointed that we didn't go ahead and go in and do some of our own investigating next time we will investigate in there.

Our first thing we experienced in the prison this night was shadows and footsteps in New Wall. We met a fellow investigator named Bob who traveled from Champaign Illinois on a regular basis to the prison to investigate the Moundsville Penitentiary, a helluva nice guy too. He used a personal hearing amplifier which really amplified all the sounds in there a nice piece of equipment I think i might look into getting.

Bob suggested that we stand on opposite ends of the cell block and get our eyes accustomed to the dark and that we'd see shadows move in and out of the cells. We tried this on both sections of cells and when we tried it on the southernmost cells I saw what briefly appeared like a shadow pass across a window and we heard footsteps coming up from behind us and David was touched on his shoulder so noticeable that he thought it was maybe another investigator looking to go past us he said "excuse me" and moved out of the way only to see there was no one there.

I want to point out we traveled with voice recorders constantly recording not once did we move throughout the prison without recording.

We heard unexplainable noises in the infirmary and psych wards. We captured in photos many orbs but I attribute these to dust. I wore a headlamp while in there and i can see in the light beams dust particle freely moving through the air in those vacant buildings.

David and I sat in the "The Hole" area where R.D. Walls lived. We were down there for about 15 minutes and most of that time was in total darkness and we tried an evp session we didn't hear anything audibly but when we checked the voice recorders the next day we caught a great evp. You can listen to it at the following link.

Moundsville State Penitentiary - "Get Out!" by TOVPRT

I had a strange thing occur in the photos that I took in the kitchen and cafeteria area, on two separate times i was taking pictures in there and had two photos come out totally black and the flash worked every time I took a photo. I can't explain it, it never happened anywhere else in the prison and this was on two different occasions in this area.

I managed to get something in 4 photos in the bottom left corner. These were taken one right after the other and after the 4th image it never reoccurred. I first thought that maybe it could have been the camera strap but everything can be explained away. The camera was always in my right hand and in my left hand I always had the voice recorder at my side. The camera strap was always around my right wrist and it is attached to the right side of the camera. The lens of the camera is situated on the left side. I took all the photos with one hand (right hand) so to the best of my knowledge there is no explanation for this. I'm posting the pics for you to see maybe there is a logical explanation that I've failed to realize.

We plan on coming back in the spring in 2012 to investigate more and share our findings.

Author : Dave C. ~ of T.O.V.P.R.T.

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