Upcoming Moundsville Penitentiary Investigation

A few of us will be investigating the Moundsville Penitentiary Saturday night 11/26. This place is a well known hotspot and has been investigated by groups like TAPS, Paranormal State and the gang from Ghost Adventures. This will be our first time at this location and we hope to come away with some great evidence of paranormal activity.

If you have investigated the Moundsville Penitentiary and would like to comment on this location please sound-off in the comments portion of this page we'd really like to get your feedback on this location.

Author : Dave C. ~ of T.O.V.P.R.T.

Article Upcoming Moundsville Penitentiary Investigation was published by Dave C. on Friday, November 25, 2011.


  1. I was at Moundsville Penitentiary on November 9th for an all night investigation. I have a couple good orb pics, a great flash light session that was recorded on digital recorder, (we didn't catch an EVP's) several other people had some great experiences. Looking forward to going back there soon!